Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver

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Birthday: 1986-01-30
Born: Munich, Germany

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Jordan Carver was born on 30 January, 1983 in Germany. After graduating from high school and vocational school started working as the hotel manager, but later decided to change the work and become a make-up artist. During some time Jordan Carver was invited to become a model. She agreed without any hesitations, and by the end of the 2000s, immigrated to the United States to settle down in Los Angeles, California.

In 2010, she started her modeling career with her own website provided by glamour photos, videos and other content. Additionally to the website, she began posing for magazines in 2011. Jordan Carver became successful due to the natural large size of her breasts combined with her slim body. In February 2011, she had a photo shoot for British men's magazine that is called Zoo Weekly. Later she posed for nude photo shoot for the Italian fetish magazine. At the same time, Jordan was gaining the media popularity in Germany.

She appeared in the German Bild magazine, which titled the article as "Yoga-Jordan", in accordance to her yoga workouts. At the beginning of 2012, Jordan rose in the American tabloid and entertaining television show TMZ. Later in 2012, she released a yoga workout DVD that is available in stores of United States and Europe. Jordan also appeared on many YouTube videos, and the WGN Morning News in Chicago. She tried to become an actress in the German-American Euro comedy Who Killed Johnny, in which she starred as blonde German model Gudrun. In 2013, the model participated in the German reality show Wild Girls – Auf High Heels durch Afrika (Wild Girls - In High Heels through Africa). She used to live in the deserts of Namibia with other participants among the indigenous people. Jordan Carver left the show on 14 August and returned back home.

Soon after the model left the reality show, Bild magazine published an article which revealed her real name, age, the wedding to her manager David Sebastian and, moreover, the pictures of her before breast size. It particularly has caused a big interest and gossips about such intentions to keep certain details of her life in a secret.